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So what if it's not a word...

TGSMT- Nobodies No Longer!
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We are a community dedicated to the oh-so-different love of Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom. So what if JKR doesn't believe us? We've got SUBTEXT! And while the shippers have many different views, a common one is that Neville and Luna are in lurrrvvvee. No matter what the story books (or their author) say. Why? Who needs canon when one has imagination?

We are a peaceful race of people; we don't really get in anyone's way (this may be due to the fact that we're not very numerous or important.) But if we find that if Giant Squid/Dobby can celebrate their ship, so can we.

Anyway, we know that there isn't a huge load of shippers, but this is still a place for those few to collectively jump around like LUNAtics trying to point out the SubtEXt, and eventually fall over from squee-induced faints.

We have also started a challenge that is issued every month. Members can submit pieces of fanfiction or artwork, as long as they follow the rules. Information can be found here. Other rules include:

[X] Remember that all artworks or stories must be placed behind a cut
[X] Stories can be as long as you want, but please keep them one-shots
[X] No stories under 100 words please.
[X] You can make as many entries to the challenge as you want!

We also ask that you follow this template when submitting a piece:


Have fun, and remember: One big happy toad family forever! We are the toad shippers, and we are proud.

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We don't really care what you have to post. Post icons, fanfictions, recommendations, or pimp other Neville, Luna or N/L communities. Anything that has to do with Luna or Neville or the couple. Heck, you can even discuss the actors who portray them in the movies. Ask questions, start discussions, anything. Just keep it polite and on topic!

If you're new, introduce yourself here! It's a great way to learn about fellow shippers and spread the lurve!

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We have great faith in our fellow shippers and so we don't really enforce these strongly. But I thought I'd put these out there anyways, just for the deviant Luna in all of us.

1. Please try and stay on topic while making posts. I don't so much care about what you talk about in the comments, but in the posts I'd love if it could have something to do with Neville or Luna. But what would the Neville/Luna ship be without a little whimsy?

2. Try and be polite to each other, we're a peaceful ship and have no reason to fight. There's a difference between a discussion and an unnecessary argument. So let's try and stay off fandom_wank for as long as possible.

3. DoN't TyPe LiKe DiS. @nd $+uFF Li|<3 Di$ i$N'+ (@LL3D 4, 3I+H3R. It gives people a headache. You don't have to have impeccable grammar or spelling, (I know I don't.) But just try to keep things sensible.

Lot's of love, The Government Stole My Toad!